Full-featured LCA Software and Database Package – eBalance

eBalance is a full-featured LCA software, developed by IKE Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. independently, and shipped with Chinese and global high quality databases. The eBalance package is a professional tool for LCA studies of all kinds of products, and the best choice for LCAs of products manufactured in China, which has been adopted by more than 1000 users from China and the world.

1. Fully supporting all of your LCA works, e.g.

a)      ISO14040/14044 compliant Life Cycle Assessment

b)      Product environmental footprint (incl. carbon footprint, water footprint)

c)      Type III Environmental Declaration (i.e. ISO14025, also known as EPD)

d)      Life cycle Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction (ECER) analysis, recommended by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Finance (MOF) [[1]]

e)      Life cycle based Eco-design and Design for Environment

f)       Life cycle based Cleaner Production Audit

g)      Green procurement and supply chain management

2. Powered by high quality life cycle database of China and worldwide, including

a)    CLCD (Chinese Life Cycle Database): developed by Sichuan University and IKE Environmental Technology

b)    ELCD (European Life Cycle Database): official LCA database of European Commission provided by EC Joint Research Center (JRC)

c)    Ecoinvent database: the most widely used LCA database in the world developed by Swiss Ecoinvent Center

3. Complete solutions on your demand

a)    Easy-to-use interface, such as providing both flowchart and tree-like view, to improve work efficiency;

b)    Switchable interface between Chinese and English to facilitate communications with colleagues and customers domestic and abroad;

c)    Continuous updates with innovative features, such as supporting quantitative quality evaluation and control, reproducible data collection by full-length documentation, Chinese environmental policy target oriented LCA analysis (ECER);

d)    Completely proprietary and integrated LCA software and database system, capable of providing you various in-depth technical support and customization for your business and future development.


[[1]] notification of the three departments: http://www.miit.gov.cn/n11293472/n11293832/n11293907/n11368223/14844163.html

download eBalance :http://www.ike-global.com/archives/738.html